Lesotho Snow 


Hotel Accommodation

7 - 9 August, 2020

2 night / 3 day adventure

Cost: R4 500.00 per person (children under 10 @ 50%)


The Adventure


There is an old African tale that talks about the Creator’s quandary about the Southern part of Africa being as beautiful and bountiful as Central and Eastern Africa with very much the same climate, animals and topography.  The Creator wanted the areas to be somehow different but did not want to make any drastic changes.  The myth goes that the Creator then decided that there would be one subtle difference.  The northern areas would have permanently snow-capped mountains and the southern areas would not. 


We cannot fault this decision as every year in mid-winter we are blessed with a wonderful white blanket on the Maluti Mountains in Lesotho.  Even if there is not a lot of snow, there are amazing frozen waterfalls and lakes to be seen.



Adventure Itinerary


 Day 1

You meet your guide at the Imperani Guest House in the eastern Freestate town of Fiksburg late in the afternoon.  It is a comfortable three hour drive from Gauteng.  We spend our first evening getting to know each other, while the Bhejane guide briefs us on the next day’s adventure into Lesotho.  We enjoy our first hearty meal that the Imperani Guest House is famous for.


Day 2

After a big English breakfast, we make our way down to the nearby Lesotho border post and enter Lesotho, crossing the Caledon River.  Border post procedures are a mere formality, but you will need a valid passport. 


Our route is on tar the whole way and we wind our way slowly up the Maluti Mountains, eventually getting to almost 3 000m above sea level.  It is up at this altitude that we will get to experience our first frozen waterfalls, lakes and icicles.  Weather and road conditions permitting, we will cross the Motheng Pass and make our way down to the ox-bow area and on to the Afri Ski Resort.  While you enjoy the snow, the Bhejane team will set up a nice picnic lunch and something warm to drink.


Once everyone has enjoyed themselves, it is time to start heading back to Ficksburg.  The late afternoon drive is always very special, with the soft light making the area look even more beautiful. 


At all times the Bhejane guide will be informing you of road conditions and potential hazards, while at the same time, sharing his knowledge of the area with you on the radio.  Once through the border and back at the Imperani Guest House, we enjoy our last evening together, comparing photos, swapping addresses and planning our next adventure.


Day 3:


After yet another good Imperani meal, we sadly say our goodbyes and we head for home.